For Individuals

For Individuals

Pre Matrimonial.


- Checking past records, daily routine, morality, actual professional and familial situation and reputation of the future husband or wife.


Surveillances of children, pupils and students when they go out.


- So careful or restless parents are always in advance of their children and can prevent eventual misbehaviours because they are given persuasive unfailing arguments. This way, they can understand some declining school results and psychologically cope with it.


- Securing and reassuring parents which are always wondering about the frequentations of their children, of their behaviour, and about what they drink and smoke.


- Checking the route they take in order to estimate the potential risks of road accidents, agressions, kidnappings...


- Determining the places they generally frequent in order to easily find them back in case of coming back home late or running away.


- Determining their frequentations identity, residence and background in order to prevent them from drugs problems, sects enrolling and figth against "clothing competition"...


- Prevention against suicide approaching the destabilized adolescent, becoming his confident, and indirectly giving him his parents wise advices.


Intervening in case of school rackets in order to identify the perpetrators.


- Identifying the perpetrators of such facts can be an actual weapon for the parents who want to re-establish a healthy climate around their children and for the federal police which could eventually intervene.


Tracing of missing persons or fugitives, debtors or in fact anyone who is hard to locate.


- Sometimes ill persons who need a lot of attention leave their domicile or their hospital.


- Children after a quarrel, a disappointment or "God knows what" take sometimes the bad decision of escaping daily life, leaving home, and their parents don't hear about them.


- Sometimes, debtors have the bad idea to leave everything without giving any address and hide their assets abroad.


Shadowing and surveillances in matter of divorces.


- As soon as there are some doubts in the couple's minds, life becomes difficult. Then it's necessary to perform shadowing, either with a fast motorbike or by car, completed by discreet surveillances in order to determine if the suspicions are grounded or not. If they are, then divorcing can be expected and adultery can be ascertained by a process-server.


- Ensuring that "everything is going well" is sometimes necessary to live without any doubts.


Shadowing and surveillances in matter of child custody.


- Child custody by separeted parents is not always easy, and sometimes, it is necessary to bring the proof of a particular behaviour, either the custody is not made where it should be, or the person in charge of the custody drives with them being drunk or goes with them in not proper places, pubs, gaming rooms...


- When exercising a risky custody, surveying the involved persons in order to bring all the necessary proofs to justice or to prevent the child to be brought abroad in case of mixed marriage, by informing the federal police in time.


Shadowing and surveillances in matter of injustified alimonies.


- Sometimes a divorced person pays an alimony to his ex-husband or ex-wife when the situation has changed, either he/she leaves maritally with another person sharing his life expenses, or more simply he/she has declared or not a profession. Ascertaining it often allows to diminish or even completely cancel the alimony.




- Counter-shadowing allows to secure the individual if he feels he is traced, break any shadowing with appropriate techniques and identify those who are shadowing.


- By informing the authorities, it allows to prevent those who are transporting funds, jewels, assets or documents from being attacked.


- It allows the general managers to attain their meetings in public places being sure that their behaviour is not discreetly surveyed and their sensitive conversation not spied.

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