For Companies

For companies

Pre-Employment checks.


- Simply checking item per item the given C.V. and visit the previous employers and colleagues asking them what they thought of the candidate when he was at their service. So you can immediately separate the wheat from the tares.


Staff surveillance.


- Either external surveillance in order to determine by a close approach what they think of their company. that can please them, but also prevent some actions which could be baneful for the company. Or internal surveillance in order to prevent spying, thefts inside the company stocks or yards.


Surveillance of representatives or any travelling staff, workers or more specially international truckers.


- Contracts concluded by travelling representatives sales managers are not always what you expected. That's why it is sometimes very important to check how they spend their time an what they really do when abroad.


- It might be that some representatives working in the country enter false service reports and spend more time at home, whith their lover or in the pubs and are no longer profitable.


- Some truckers' shipping can be taken off or modified. The behaviour of some truckers is sometimes unreliable. Any other problems can then appear...


Filtering through companies in order to unmask thefts, fabrication secrets evasion or clients misappropriation.


- The old dodge of the new naive and simple employee to whom the crooks will propose to take part in their illicit actions or talk in front of him giving then to the infiltrated private detective first-class indications allowing the "boss" to act with full knowledge of the case.


Debts recovery inquiries.


- Here again the debtor's surveillance will allow to determine a potential employer's identity and address to whom an attachment on wages could be done.




- Protecting the fabrication secrets and the clients files as soon as any doubt appears.


Counter-shadowing in case of important contacts.


- See the item "FOR INDIVIDUALS".


Intervention in case of unfair competition.


- When visiting clients which are without any reason purchasing less and less, sometimes we can notice that the supplier's representative is in fact working for a more profitable employer.

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